Are you a professional athlete or manager at the highest level and always striving for peak performance?
Then NeuroBodyGym is the perfect solution for you.

NeuroBodyGym is a unique personalised method to train your body and your brain. NeuroBodyGym uses artificial intelligence, EmoBodySync technology and personalised support.

The benefits for you are manifold: you increase your performance, reduce stress, recover more quickly, regenerate faster and improve your sleep.

We install the NeuroBodyGym system in your home or workplace. It is easy to operate and the system is always connected to us. Operating errors are impossible.

Our employees monitor your training, analyse it and create the next optimal training session for the following day based on your values. Your training therefore adapts to your performance progress and challenges you again and again.

It’s as if you were at our institute every day.

You can train whenever you want. We are always with you.

If you would like to find out more, register for our member area free of charge and without obligation. You’ll find all the information you need there. Register today.

Areas of application

NeuroBodyGym has been used for years in the top sector for

Professional players & managers / officials in the sports of FOOTBALL & AMERICAN FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL
Coaches | Staff & Referees
Professional players & managers / officials TENNIS
Professional athletes TRIATHLON & MARATHON
Professional racers & managers / officials MOTORSPORT
Managers & entrepreneurs
Investors & stock market professionals | traders & top executives from the financial sector

You will find more information on the areas of application after registration.